Estate Planning

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A Trust, sometimes referred to as a Family Trust or Living Trust, is a document primarily used in an Estate Plan to help manage and distribute a person’s Assets to their designated Beneficiaries, avoid Probate, minimize potential tax burdens and possibly delay an Estate Tax. In most Estate Plans the Trust is a key component. A Trust is created by a Trustor or Settlor (who funds or creates the Trust), names a Trustee (who manages or operates the Trust), and identifies the Beneficiaries (who benefit from the Trust). 


A Will, sometimes referred to as a Last Will and Testament or Pour Over Will, is an instrument used to designate an Executor to your Estate and designate your Beneficiaries. The main types of Wills are: Holographic Wills, which must be drafted in the Testator’s (creator’s) handwriting and signed; and typed or printed Wills which require the signatures of two disinterested witnesses in addition to the Testator’s.


A Financial Power of Attorney is an instrument that allows you to designate Agents to act on your behalf concerning financial affairs. They are typically used if you are incapacitated and can no longer make those choices or decisions. It is only possible to designate a Financial Power of Attorney while you still have capacity.


An Advance Health Care Directive, sometimes referred to as a Health Directive or Advance Medical Directive, provides instructions for what to do in situations where a person needs medical treatment or personal care but is incapacitated (mentally or physically) and is no longer able to communicate those choices or decisions for themselves. When creating an Advance Health Care Directive people will also appoint Health Care Agents (typically family members or close friends) to assist them with carrying out their Health Care and Personal Care wishes.