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A Conservatorship is a court supervised relationship involving a conservator and conservatee. Conservatorships can be of the person when one can no longer properly provide for their physical health, food, clothing and shelter. Conservatorships can also be of the estate when one can no longer manage their financial resources or resist fraud or undue influence.

After a noticed hearing and court investigation the court may appoint a Conservator, with an order and letters, to be responsible for the Conservatee's person or estate. The Conservatee is the individual no longer able to care for their wellbeing or manage their financial resources.

Conservatorships declare in the public record that the Conservatee lacks capacity to care for themselves or their financial affairs. They also limit or remove certain freedoms the person had before becoming a Conservatee. Because of the seriousness involved, the Court scrutinizes attempts to create Conservatorships. If there are less restrictive or intrusive means to protect the person, the Court must avoid creating a Conservatorship.